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BS Plastic™ was founded in 2002, with full Hungarian ownership. At first we mostly sold shopping bags. In 2004 we bought our first bag cutting machine, which was a turning point in the history of the company. Continuous innovation, adaptation to the fast-changing needs of the market, state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified staff are only a few of our defining values that allow us to serve our Customers with the highest quality products efficiently and reliably.
The success of our company is reflected by the progress we have achieved. We currently employ more than 120 people and our production capacity exceeds 6000 tons annually. Our main profile is the manufacturing and marketing of polyethylene (flexible) packaging materials, cast films, rubes, shrink films, flat bags, sacks and shopping bags. 

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We have 18 years of experience in the industry and we are long-term reliable partners of both manufacturing and processing companies. We cooperate with companies that package their semi-finished products as well to maintain a constant high quality of their products.

We always meet new challenges with our stable, reliable performance, custom solutions and innovative products and technologies. We constantly work to satisfy our customers to the highest degree.


Transparent, covered or colour polyethylene tubes, half tubes and cast films in a wide range of sizes, even printed if the customer needs it. If tailored mechanical properties are required, we are also very flexible: in our state-of-the-art laboratories, our experts create custom-made recipes for any requirements and we share our professional experience with our partners.

Shrink films can be used safely to package any kind of product. They can be transparent or covered if the product needs to be covered, glossy or non-slip. We are prepared to offer custom solutions for special requirements. Our shrink films are characterized by high tensile strength and excellent shrinking coefficients.

Pallet cover foils can be used to cover stacks. They can be ordered in custom sizes and we can add UV additives to them if required, to satisfy every possible need of the Customer.

The operation of the company fully complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and also the ISO 14001:2005 standard. We recycle 98% of the waste produced during manufacturing. Since 2017, we have had BRC certification for film blowing. This certification is necessary for more and more food industry manufacturing companies, as it defines hygienic requirements for packaging materials. This way, we can offer a wide range of products for food industry companies: Products for internal use
  • tubes, half tubes, various PE cast films in custom sizes
  • filling bags
  • crate liners
  • flat bags; HDPE/LDPE
  • recipe development for cooling and freezing
For the packaging of finished products
  • PE films with single-layer or multi-layer (co-ex) technology
  • duplex/triplex films (PE/PE, PE/BOPP, metalized multi-layer solutions, for complex requirements)
  • in custom printed versions as well!
  • accessories: PE gloves, PE aprons
We share our expertise with our partners in:
  • the graphic design of printed products,
  • the custom composition of packaging materials,
  • achieving the required mechanical properties
  • and designing the packaging.

Több mint 8 éves tapasztalatunk van a bio alapanyagokkal való gyártásban.
Büszkék vagyunk a TÜV Austria minősítéseinkre.
OK compost HOME felirat az otthoni körülmények között komposztálható termékekre vonatkozik, OK compost INDUSTRIAL pedig az ipari körülmények között komposztálhatóakra.
Környezetvédelmi és piaci elvárás egyszerre, a bio alapnyagok terjedése a gyártásban, melynek
fejlesztéseinkkel magas színvonalon tudunk megfelelni.
A TÜV logo garanciát ad partnereink és a végfelhasználók számára, hogy a termék valóban 100%-ban
biológiailag lebomlik és ez által valóban megfelel a szabályozási környezetnek (MSZ EN 13432
A termék sokban hasonlít a hagyományos műanyaghoz, de mégis vannak különbségek, a
részletekért érdeklődjön a kapcsolattartó kollégánknál.


Bio flat bags – OK compost HOME minősítéssel

  • They are available in blocks, with a gusset, star sealed bags or as rolled T shirt type,
  • in various sizes.
  • They are suitable for storing food

T shirt bags OK compost HOME és OK compost INDUSTRIAL minősítéssel

  • in various sizes.
  • printed with BS Plastic, our own brand, or the Customer’s custom print design

Loop handle bags – OK compost INDUSTRIAL minősítéssel

  • in two sizes
  • with custom print

Important information:

  • about the details of printing ask our colleague you are in contact with,
  • 6 months after manufacturing, the mechanical properties of the product can start to deteriorate. Our warranty is 6 months after manufacturing.
  • gyártástól számítva 12 hónap múlva a lebomlási folyamat az OK compost HOME esetén megindulhat, ha megkapja azokat a környezeti hatásokat, mint az otthoni komposztálóban.
  • Environmental factors (temperature, humidity, UV radiation) greatly influence decomposition.

We have a wide range of products; this is the basis of our professional expertise.
We continue to focus on this market segment.
We believe that when used with awareness, plastics make our everyday life easier.
Polyethylene meets a large number of packaging requirements due to its advantageous properties.
One of the materials easiest to recycle, even compared to many other plastics, and its load on the environment is much lower than that of similar products.

Traditional polyethylene products

Flat bags: HDPE/LDPE

  • transparent or colour, printed or not printed, in various sizes
  • cut, in blocks or rolled
  • it can be used for food packaging
  • also freezing bags, for freezing.

T shirt bags and loop handle bags: custom sizes and colours in a wide range, with custom printing

D cut bags/banana handle bags: with an adhesively bonded or welded reinforced D cut

Garbage bags: rolled, with custom sizes and colours in a wide range.

Sacks for construction waste: with outstanding properties, in custom sizes as well.

Quality products

Environmentally friendly packaging

Custom solutions

Professional support

Modern technology

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